H. C. BEHRENDTSEN (DE) + Ultra Deluxe (US)

Trocha matiky a post-punku z Lipska spolecne s screamo chiptune z New Yorku. Vstupné TBA.
H. C. BEHRENDTSEN is an experimental math band from Leipzig/Germany. Their genre-fluid music favors surf and nineties rock nostalgia – crushed and grinded by some contemporary composition jamboree – and sprouts out in intricate grooves, eruptive spontaneity and textures ranging from the uplifting to the bizarre. https://hcbehrendtsen.bandcamp.com/
Ultra Deluxe - part screamo, part chiptune, overtly 8-bit, and always aggressive, Ultra Deluxe displays a wide variety of instrumentation. The anticipated synthesizers give way to harmonica, distortion and orchestra strings dance in a noise punk ode to Nintendo. A dark yet uplifting tone defined by driving bass lines and screams that echo the struggles of the proletariat. https://ultradeluxemusic.bandcamp.com/album/quests