Mohama Saz (ES) + Ando (AU)

Španělská psych-rocková formace Mohama Saz zavítá 13. října do Café V lese. Spolu s nimi vystoupí Vídeňská krautrocková kapela Ando. Vstup na páteční psychedelický večírek v jedinečné klubové atmosféře je již k zakoupení v předprodeji na goout.net
Spanish psych-rock formation Mohama Saz is coming to Café V lese on Friday, Oct 13. Ando, the Viennese krautrock sensation is jumping aboard and the combo is to make for a unique psychedelic friday-night party. Tickets are in presale NOW via goout.net
More info in English below:
Mohama Saz is a one of a kind entity made up of members from other Spanish musical projects with cult followings such as RIP KC, Melange or Novak to name a few.
Their unique sound is made up from a blend of Javier Alonso electric Baglama Saz; the hypnotic rhythm of Sergio Ceballos on bass guitar and Adrian Ceballos on drums; the tribal percussions of Ruben Mingo; the jazz virtuoso Arturo Pueyo on Sax, clarinet and bass clarinet and the latest addition of the genius Iñigo Cabezafuego on synth and samplers.
Their diverse influences span from Erkin Koray, Ersen, Triana or Las Grecas to Coltrane, Goat or Neu! Mediterranean psych gurus with a flamenco touch and a Turkish vibe.
ANDO synthesizes an unusual blend of straight jazz and desert rock elements into full-throttle jam-oriented krautrock creations.
Since forming in 2017 the band has been a central piece in Viennas psych scene, and has toured around Austria and Italy. Their new release, LP “Send Dunes”, is a collection of songs about human incapability: Collective incapability to effectively adress problems we face as a species and individual incapability to interact naturally with one another.
The desert is a recurring theme all over the bands new creations, used both as the direct symbol for climatic disaster and as a metaphor for the lack of inspiration and creativity that is fueled by the omnipresence of social media in everyones lives and the consequent loss of human interaction.