MusiSHEans Guitar Tour

MusiSHEans brings professional female guitarists together and organizes a yearly music tour through Europe. The dream: Connect musicians across the globe and celebrate the world of female music. Because: Music has no gender. By putting female guitarists on the big stage MusiSHEans is creating role models for the younger generation. It inspires them to pick up an instrument and to give something new a try. For the MusiSHEans Guitar tour 2023, the two MusiSHEans founders Judith Beckedorf from Germany and Karlijn Langendijk from the Netherlands invited Noa Drezner from Israel and Janet Noguera from Mexico to join them on a musical adventure through six European countries. The four musicians will play solo as well as in different combinations throughout the concert in the styles of flamenco, modern, classical and pop fingerstyle and singer/ songwriter. MusiSHEans is supported by renowned international artists, such as: Badi Assad (Brazil), Tommy Emmanuel (Australia), Jon Gomm (England) und John Knowles (USA).
Janet Noguera (Mexico/ USA) – Modern Fingerstyle
Playing with an energetic style that incorporates a unique range of rhythmic and fingerstyle techniques, Janet Noguera creates an innovative imaginative, and unexpected soundscape with the acoustic guitar. At age 19, the Acoustic Guitar Magazine featured her as one of the “30 Great Acoustic Guitarists under the age of 30.”
Noa Drezner (Israel) – Flamenco
Noa Drezner lived for a decade in southern Spain, where she studied flamenco guitar, played alongside leading artists and participated in countless events and festivals in Spain, Israel and abroad. As a Flamenco guitarist, composer and producer she is one of the few women in her field. Noa brings the warm and authentic sound of the Spanish guitar to new and surprising areas, between Tel Aviv and Cadiz.
Karlijn Langendijk (Netherlands) – Classical Fingerstyle
Surrounded by acoustic guitar music since birth, Karlijn Langendijk started playing the guitar inspired by her father. Her music is not just happy or sad – she composes all the intricate shades of emotions that people feel really intensely but cannot communicate in words, as can be heard on her new solo album called “Atlas”. As a guitarist & composer, she is fascinated by all kinds of different music genres and she mixes all these together into a completely unique style.
Judith Beckedorf (Germany) – Popfingerstyle & Singer/ Songwrite
Judith Beckedorf is a multi-instrumentalist playing the guitar, mandolin, banjo and being a singer/ songwriter. While developing her own musical expression, she spent some time in Nashville, Tennessee, where American folk music inspired her compositions. On her solo album “Behind The Blue Sea”, thoughts and folky melodies intertwine with snappy grooves and graceful ballads. In her songs the warm tones of her guitar are like a blanket that gently envelops her soft voice, mostly played on her nylon string guitar.