Peach Tinted + Sakura

Emil Paiker and Louis Springer are currently bringing a breath of fresh air to the Austrian indie scene. Characterised by a falsetto voice and 80s disco beats, the two produce songs that can hardly be surpassed in terms of nostalgia” (Music Austria, translated, 2022).
‘peach tinted’ is an uplifting twist on the phrase ‘to look at something through rose tinted glasses’, illustrating the indie duo’s sonic mix of melancholy and euphoria. Formed in 2019 and initially releasing instrumental lo-fi beats, they followed up with two independent indie EPs that were well received on streaming platforms. The first EP “Cinematic Youth” reached listeners worldwide and was streamed more than 12 million times on Spotify as of today. “The title track, “Cinematic Youth”, closes out this quick EP with a vibe that you will not soon forget. Again, a perfect blend of danciness and calmness, I found myself tapping my toe throughout this infectious final song and wanting oh so much more as the album ended and left me in silence. Again, showcasing their ability to find the perfect balance of energy and calm, peach tinted closing this album with this track was genius because it made me want to continue digging into their music.” (girlattherockshows.com, 2021).
Reposts by legendary YouTube music curators such as David Dean Burkhart and I’m Cyborg but that’s ok, placements in official Spotify editorial playlists (“Lo-Fi Indie”, “Indie Brandneu”, “Alternative Austria"), first concerts in 2022 and airplay by Austrian as well as US radio stations were among the duo’s career highlights so far. These successes enabled them to move to the Canary Islands and seclude themselves to increase their creative output. Delivering a refreshing blend of post-punk, indie and bedroom beats, Paiker (vocals) and Springer (guitar) have created a style that works in mainstream radio and underground scenes alike. Their writing remains raw and akin to a conversation with the ‘sensitive boys next door’, allowing the listener to get lost in daydreams. To this day, Paiker and Springer work 100% independently.
With their upcoming 5-track EP “Hard to Get” scheduled for release on April 14th, they are going on tour across Europe starting May 2023. With a new 5-track EP “Hard to Get” scheduled for release on April 14th, they are going on tour across Europe starting May 2023. Their live show is characterised by the use of ad hoc guitar loops and equipment such as Ableton Push, which results in a vibrant hybrid of an indie rock performance and an electronic live set with just two people on stage. Noisy, overdriven guitars meet airy vocals and pumping drum machine beats, inviting the crowd to groove calmly in one moment and start a mosh pit in the next.